Magical cooperates with a professional equestrian team to provide the only international horse transportation service in Taiwan.
In addition, for the purpose of transporting Ai ju. Magical, Taiwan’s only European-style horse-drawn carriage and self-made gentle ramp were specially customized.

Horses are extremely sensitive animals.

Due to different environments, climate changes, and even the slightest disturbance, horses will be frightened and anxious, let alone horses that have left their hometown.
Horses that used to run freely in the prairie are loaded into horse lockers on a plane and returned to Taiwan. This boarding action may seem simple, but it is the most time-consuming and laborious task. At this time, you need to rely on professional equestrian personnel to calm the horses' emotions, make them sit down obediently, and stay with the horses throughout the voyage to act as their spiritual support.

☆ MAGICAL ★Professional, legal, excellent live horse transportation

He has accumulated many years of practical experience and has transported horses back to Taiwan many times.

Working with professional agents in the Netherlands, we have a comfortable isolation environment and attentive caregivers.

When waiting for the flight, we have an Animal hotel so that the horses can rest before arriving at the airport without having to stay in the horse locker all the time.

During the ten-hour flight on the plane, the professional groom accompanied the horses throughout the entire journey and did not let up on their care at all times. In addition to calming the horses' emotions, they were also their spiritual support.

When arriving at the country's gate, the Magical Team (Logistics and Equestrian Center) dispatched Taiwan's only European carriage, a self-made gentle slope horse unloading platform and multiple professional grooms to quickly disembark the tired horses from the long flight to the quarantine station. During the ten-day isolation period, groom will also observe and pay attention to the horse's diet, health activity, etc. while feeding and taking body temperature.

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